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90% of startups fail. They fail because they need money, market and momentum. Want to work smarter? Who do you talk to?


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Show Me The Money!

Let's face it. It takes money to make money. Can we agree on that?

Family and friends think you're crazy? Not sure how to get in front of investors? Don't know where to turn? We get it.

You have an amazing product or service that can change the world! You work your tail off and tried everything. You have two choices: blue pill or red pill?


2 Choices: Blue Pill or Red Pill?

Blue Pill: You can figure it out yourself (and run out of time and money and run out of gas, and not the kind that comes out the other end :)


Red Pill: You can be the TOP 2%  that SUCCEED with help from experts who have helped raise $5M+ in funding and 10x businesses across 32 different verticals.

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Superpowers For Founders and CEOs

Take your business from ZERO to HERO. Everything and everyone is counting on you. You need to grow and scale your startup and you have 2 choices - Raise Capital or Bootstrap. We got you covered on both.

Tractics Fundraising Accelerator Program (12-Week Course)

Raise Capital On Autopilot Without Selling Your Soul

We show you how to raise capital for your early-stage startup and accelerate capital in 12 weeks or less!

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Radical Business Growth Program

10x Your SaaS Business in 12 Months or Less

We'll show you how to go from $10k-$100k per month in 12 months. Pack your calendar with qualified opportunities and learn how to close high ticket deals fast!

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What's In It For You?

As a member of Tractics, you join the most experienced advisors and consultants as we work through a proven system and process to help you overcome all your growth challenges. Most of our clients remain engaged with us for more than 5 years now and have raised 5+ million in capital and 10xed their business in less than 12 months.

Find The "Right" Investor

We will give you a highly curated list of investors who have invested in similar startups and/or have experience in your industry. This will 15x your chance of getting funded. 

Nail Your Pitch

Use our proven pitch deck formula to create the narrative for your vision and your startup that will resonate with your early potential investors.

Enroll Investors The Right Way

We will help you craft cadences and strategies to fill up your calendar with pitch meetings that can convert to funding 

Crush Your Meetings

We will prepare you for your investor meetings so you get the best deal and the capital you need to grow.

Right Help At The Right Time

You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know someone that does. Get on private 1-on-1 consulting calls with us and increase your chances of getting funded.

Launch Your Biz to Infinity and Beyond

10x your SaaS biz using a leak-proof funnel, proven sales process, lead gen on autopilot, wicked sales script and close sales like a rockstar.

"I reluctantly jumped on a FREE Discovery call with Jay and Sankara because I needed guidance and help launching my E-Notary software solution. I was reluctant because I have been burned in the past so I didn’t expect anything from the call. To my surprise, I found these guys both personable, warm, and friendly, and they truly wanted to help me grow and scale my business! It was clearly evident that these guys genuinely cared and wanted to help me so I was a huge fan and decided to hire them right away! I don’t normally say this, but I trust these guys, we have started building a friendship and they have provided me more information within a week than I have received in a year and a half lol. So thank you guys again! I do appreciate all you are doing for us! I highly recommend Jay and Sankara. They know what they’re talking about and act immediately to help get results. Call them before they’re booked up!" "

Felicia Grimes
Founder of E-Notary Seal

"Jay is able to grow & scale companies in ways that I’ve never seen before. He’s able to do so very quickly using proven digital marketing & sales strategies, along with his energetic style of growth coaching. I’ve seen the work that he’s done with clients and have been blown away by the ROI, as well as the client targets that he’s able to achieve & surpass. Jay has an incredible amount of energy and invests this in everything he does – but he also has the patience needed to teach and empower others to achieve independently. Yes, Jay can grow your business but he’s also a great person full of integrity and is genuinely committed to helping companies and people grow. He’s helped me tremendously in setting up and growing my own business, and we’ve become good friends in the process. I highly recommend engaging with Jay. He’s a busy guy, so don’t wait!"

Greg Ogiba
GRO Advantage | Founder & Principal

"Sankara's contributions in online marketing are phenomenal. His works led to quick penetration into oil & gas companies in the region."

Ramanan Venkatasubramaniam
Essential Systems & Services | Sales Manager

"Jay is a digital marketing genius! He's got all this knowledge up his sleeve and has mastered lead gen, sales processes, building and training a sales team from scratch, killer copy and sales scripting, powerful outbound prospecting and closing high ticket deals. He is an expert and has helped me so much in a short time! I highly recommend hiring Jay if you're looking at 10Xing your business before he gets too busy!"

Karl Feltmate
Nelson/Kraft & Associates | Associate

"If you're wondering why someone who is [sometimes] a competitor of Jay Lee would take the time to consider why would you want to select him as your ideal marketer to assist you in acquiring new clients and expanding your current market; it's easy. I highly respect anyone who can challenge me to become exceptionally better in my craft of marketing. It's true that he holds a substantially greater breadth of insights and cunning than I do. It's also true that he's so careful to consider all of the variants in play to optimize your businesses growth with such a degree of professionalism and skill that I'm often awestruck by his track record of hit after hit of successes. But when someone you admire so has the courage to ask you for your thoughts about how he serves his clientele - from my perspective. What else can I do but elevate him for the consummate stealth marketer he truly is. Oh yes...one more important reason. Jay's usually so booked up that I don't mind taking those clients he can't accommodate into his calendar. But if you're lucky enough to get to work him, don't pass up the chance. You...nor I will regret it. Good luck! But then again...if you're working with Jay, you don't need luck. I do."

A. David Griffin
Lowcountry Pioneer Solutions | Chief Marketing Maverick

"Jay is a dynamic marketing and sales professional. He possesses sharp business acumen with data-driven digital marketing skills that get results. I have seen firsthand what he can do and he can help grow any business. If you want a high impact performer, hire Jay."

Ty Peterson
Workiva | Regional Sales Director

"Jay has the energy, the cross-cultural awareness, and the integrity to serve any client and provide innovative, insightful, and caring service. His ability to guide organizations through the challenges of financial stability is without peer. Bring him on board and let him show you what he can do!"

Maxx Godsey
Renewal Conciliation Services | Founder & Principal

"Jay Lee is one of the sharpest businessmen I know. He knows how to size up the situation and deliver what is needed. He knows the strategies and marketing methods that the gurus use and He is one of the few people who really "gets" advertising and I would trust him with my entire business. Get Him, retain him and see for yourself."

Chris Bumbalough
Shout Out Ad Consulting | Social Media Manager

"I have the privilege of working with a group of world class business growth consultants, of which Jay Lee is one of the best! Jay is deeply committed to his work and the companies that hire him. One thing that sets Jay apart is that he gets results. If you're looking to grow your business significantly Jay is one person I highly recommend."

Ed Choy
Premier Wedding Pastors | CEO

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