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For Investors and Highly motivated Entrepreneurs/Sales Teams 

Powerful data to help you find the next hot startup, your next customer, next acquisition or even uncover your competitor strategy.

Tractics FastList offers highly curated lists to help you discover, prospect and track emerging tech, fast growing companies and investors. With custom research, our experts can help you uncover trends and get answers to massively complex questions.

350+ FastLists on Emerging Industries, Tech, Region and Investors

 Stop wasting time on Google searches and Expensive tools. Pay only for what you need.

Deep dive and tear down emerging trends, tech & industries with our expert analysis.

FastList A one-stop source for company, M&A, financing and investor data.

FastLists offers you the quickest way to get one-time data file about a particular industry, geographic market, investors and M&A data. FastLists are in CSV format to help you analyze and import it into your system as easy as possible.

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What we offer?

Deep dive and tear down emerging industries, disruptive threats, new tech, startup companies and even your competitor’s strategy with our experts. With custom research, you get in-depth reports, private webinars and more. Book a slot below and let’s get started. 


Never miss another Uber. Our dossiers and briefing will give you an unfair advantage in finding an emerging industry/trend and sourcing your next deal that fits your investment thesis. Whether it's early, middle or late stage companies. We'll help you build a hyper-targeted list.

Founders & Leaders

Founders and companies need validation & growth. We help you pinpoint emerging trends and competitor strategies to help you determine where to compete. So you can spend less time doing Google searches, creating pivot tables & tracking news and more time in building products and relationships.

Marketers & Sales Team

Our experts will work with your sales and marketing team to build a target audience profile and understand how you’d like to reach them. Then, create strategies to approach multiple channels and provide data for sales and marketing outreach.

Case Studies

Our customers love us and we’re trying to build a platform that you’ll love by combining the best available data with fantastic service. Below are some of the work we did for our customers who think we’re on the right track. 


A $250M VC Fund


investing in the Indian Edtech Market Space


The client wanted to understand the lay of the land and get visibility into the emerging trends and startups in this nascent space.



US$125M Funded Startup


Find New Market + Go-To-Market Strategy


Market research and Go-To-Market Strategy for client's innovative tech that will bring down the cost of making a video.



Fast Growing Indian EdTech Company


Finding investors


The client was planning to raise US$2M in seed round. So, we gave them a highly curated lists of potential investors. 



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