Privacy Policy

Your privacy's important.

So we won't cut corners when it comes to protecting it.


Instead of the usual mumbo-jumbo, I'm gonna make this very clear.

​Here's what you need to know:


Yes, we use cookies.

We do so for your convenience.

To save you time, and to create a more tailored experience.

If that weirds you out, under browser settings, turn that sh*t off.


Problem solved.


Yes, we do store basic personal information.

Such as your name and email address.

​(Should you opt-in to our mailing list or buy our service.)


It's kept confidential.

Guarded by the latest and greatest technology.

And a bouncer named Hank The Hammer.

Fun fact:

Hank has no hammer, but when hit by him, you'd think otherwise.

I digress.

We have never and will never share your personal information without your blessing.


And, the third and final thing you should know is:

You're in control, not us.

If you get sick of hearing from us?

​There's a one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email we send.

Tap that puppy... and we'll never bother you again.


If there's anything I missed, contact us


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