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Get a High-Performing Website in Days, Not Months.

Creating a great website that helps you make more money isn't about nerdy coders and boring web programs. We believe the best websites are part of your strategy and should be created by a team that knows you, your customers, and your industry just as well as they know web design. That's why we're here - to create websites that communicate your brand and converts visitors into customers.

Explore services for every stage of your business

We help you take your business to the next level with our comprehensive suite of services and support.

Web Design

We build new websites, mobile sites, and redesigns. We also offer site migrations—so you can move your existing website to any domain of your choosing.

Online Stores

Our team has extensive experience optimizing your store's performance, including shipping, payment capabilities, and more.

Small Tasks

Need help with analytics? How about adding a domain or updating your site? We do it all!

Graphic Design

Whether you need a custom logo or some photography editing, we have got you covered with our graphic design services.

Web Design

We make it easy to get a brand new website. We have three options for you to choose from, depending on how much work you want to do and how much you want us to do for you.

Get a website that you are proud of.

We'll walk you through each one so that you can decide which is best for your needs.

Advanced Website

Get a website with customized visuals, advanced features and more. This option lets us create the site from start to finish—we'll even help with the design! This option is ideal for people who want their sites to look exactly as they envisioned them.

Classic Website

Get a basic website including a theme. This option gives us complete control over designing your site, but we don't include any custom graphics or other advanced features—just the basics! This option is great if you're looking for something simple but still professional-looking (and don't mind doing some of the work yourself).


Redesign your existing site with an updated theme and design! We'll help you update the theme and design of your current site so that it looks fresh and modern—no need to worry about starting over from scratch!

Small Tasks

Your website is the cornerstone of your business. It's the first thing people see when they're looking for you, and it's where they'll be able to get all the information they need about you and what you do. We want to make sure that your site is as professional, functional, and well-designed as possible—and we've got some great services to help you do just that!

Restaurant Menu Setup

Get a professional online menu set up on my restaurant website.

Connect Domain

Connect or attach a domain to your site.

Website Guidance

Get guidance about the design and functionality of your site.

Custom Email

Get a custom email and mailbox for your business.

Google Analytics

Connect your site to Google Analytics to track conversions and customer behaviour.

Site Updates

Add a page, and make minor adjustments, technical improvements, or fixes.

Graphic Design

Whether you need a custom logo or some photography editing, we have got you covered with our graphic design services.


We offer a range of graphic design services to help you get your business off the ground and keep it looking great!


Our team of designers are experts at creating logos, brochures, business cards, flyers, posters and more. We can even help you create custom patterns for your clothing line or website design.


We also offer photo editing services to help you take your already-amazing photos to the next level. Whether you want to adjust the color balance of a photo or add some cool filters, we can do it all!

Store Optimization

Getting content, features, campaigns or promotions to drive sales is the name of the game when it comes to online store optimization.


You want your customers to feel like they're getting a great deal—and you want it to be easy for them to buy what they want from you. That's how you get repeat customers and loyal fans who will tell their friends about the great experience they had at your online store. Here are some ways to make sure your store is optimized for success:


Get content that makes people want to come back: If you have an online store, chances are you have plenty of opportunities for creating content—from blog posts to photos and videos—that will make people want to come back again and again. Make sure that all of this content is relevant and useful; if it isn't, people will leave without buying anything.


Add features that help users find what they need quickly: Nothing is worse than having a customer find something they love in your store but not being able to find it again easily because there wasn't enough information on where exactly it was located in the first place! Make sure your store has a search feature so customers can easily find what they're looking for no matter how long it takes them or how much effort goes into finding it themselves

eCommerce Website

You've got a great product. Now you need a way to sell it online. Our eCommerce website package has everything you need to get started!


With our eCommerce website package, you'll get:


- A fully functioning store with up to 20 products, including digital downloads and physical items


- Payment methods like PayPal and Stripe


- Shipping methods like USPS and UPS


Plus all the tools you need to manage your store—from updating inventory levels to customizing product descriptions.


You'll be able to start selling in no time at all, so what are you waiting for?

Store Settings

Setting up your store is one of the most important steps in launching your business.


Shipping and taxes are a huge part of running an online business, so we've made it easy to set them up. You can also choose to accept payment methods like Credit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay.




We can help you set up shipping based on your location, weight and dimensions of each item you sell. We recommend using USPS for small packages, FedEx for large ones and UPS for everything in between. We can also set up shipping discounts if you have bulk discounts or free shipping thresholds.




Taxes are charged by state and zip code, so make sure you're charging correctly based on where your customer is located. Each state has different tax rates depending on what kind of good or service they're selling.

Advanced Store Capabilities

When you set up a store on [company name], we give you the tools to customize your store's appearance and make it your own. But when you upgrade to Advanced Store Capabilities, we'll give you even more ways to build a better storefront.


Advanced Store Capabilities unlocks the following features:


Customize Product Pages - With Advanced Store Capabilities, you can customize aspects of your product pages, including adding images and videos, changing the layout, and setting up custom tabs.


Improve Product Discoverability - Add filters and search bars to help customers find what they need more easily.


Add Special Menus - Create special menus for certain products or categories so that customers can easily navigate to the things they want most.

Online Store


Ready to work smarter, instead of harder?

Our Works

Know what people say about our works

I really wanted to build and launch a website for my golf coaching business. I found it quite difficult to do it on my own. After working with Jay and Sankara, I realised, how well they know how to do what they do. They are very efficient and very quickly! They communicated really well with me on my needs and vision for the website. They also got it done in a matter of days. I am sure it is going to be a lot more efficient with how I run my business. I am totally satisfied with the work they have put in and am sure they will exceed your expectations also.

Rebecca Lee-Bentham

Sankara and his team are strategic, effective, and knowledgeable. Sankara is delightful to work with and we’ve returned to them a number of times since. I highly recommend them for a variety of digital marketing services.

Janis Nakano Spivack

Working with the team at Tractics has been an exhilarating experience as I see my website come to life in a way I could not have imagined without them. I am kept informed at every step and appreciate the collaboration that will make this website reflect my work in the best way. The team's expertise, professionalism, and caring combine to make this experience the Best! Kudos! I would recommend Tractics to anyone seeking to stand out in the online space!

Beth Ann St George

The team at Tractics was very helpful in understanding my issue quickly and resolving it. Tractics understands the ins and outs of Wix and explained things in terms that are easy to comprehend. I would confidently recommend them for assistance with Wix. It's affordable and relieves the headaches of trial and error so time spent can be on your business - not problem solving your website!

Julie Jediny

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