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Turn your data into beautiful, powerful web apps & websites.

We help businesses connect with their customers and employees. We create web apps that make it easy for businesses to do business and for their clients to purchase their products or services.

What can we build?

Interfaces for browsing, managing and acting on documents, photos, listings of contacts, etc.


Your business is built on data, and the more you can share it, the better.


Our web portals make it easy to give your employees and customers a cosy space to interact with the data they need.


Share your portal as a simple web link, and anyone can access it for any device–mobile, tablet, desktop, and more.


Limit who can access your portal based on a list of approved email addresses, or open it to anyone who signs up. Each user can see just their own data, data shared with everyone, or data specific to their group or role.


Dashboards are the perfect way to visualize and manage your data.


But what if you could do even more? We can build a dashboard your company will love to use.


Dashboards with Collections - Tables, lists, cards, and other collection types transform any data into a rich, interactive view.


Navigate with Ease - Organize your dashboard with tabs and detail pages that manage all of the little details for you.


Bring Your Own Brand - Match the accent color to your brand and upload your company logo to make your Page yours.


Need a way to keep track of all your contacts, projects, and clients?


We've got you covered.


We can create a directory, or "Page," that displays all the information about your contacts. You can add as many fields as you'd like and make them as long or short as you need. If you have a lot of contact information, don't worry—our system will automatically resize each field so it fits on any screen size.


Once you've created your Page, you can share it with anyone through a link or by embedding it in your website or blog. It's also compatible with Google Sheets and Excel, so edits made in either location will instantly update the other.


You can even use Pages to manage projects! Just create a new Page for each project and add the relevant fields for project management: budget estimates, deadlines, tasks assigned to team members—whatever works best for your workflow.


Ready to work smarter, instead of harder?

Case Study

We built Karshel Auto Web App that can help people make their bids for exclusive cars. We built and launched the app in less than 5 days.


The app was built using Wix Velo and it is now live.Karshel Auto Web App is a bidding platform for exclusive cars. It allows users to bid on their favorite car by uploading the amount they are willing to pay. The app also has a feature to view other users' bids and an option to share your bid with friends on social media.


This project was completed by our team of experts in less than 5 days and has been successfully deployed on Wix.

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